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Canvas Mounting

If you have a rolled canvas painting or art print the best way to display it is to have it stretched on strainer bars. Stretching a canvas results in a beautiful, ready-to-hang artwork that can be displayed as is, or framed. You have a number of options when you choose to have your special piece stretched at the Frame and Art Shop. We have multiple size strainer bars and can stretch your canvas on it. Depending on the presentation (with or without a frame) will determine how we suggest to wrap it. We have samples in the store to show you the difference between gallery and museum wrap. From 3/8 to 2 inch deep bars, we can stretch your canvas to accommodate the presentation you are looking for. At the Frame and Art Shop we have the necessary tools to  stretch any size canvas you have; whether you are having it framed, or want a gallery wrap to hang the canvas directly on the wall. Adding a floater frame around your stretched canvas will give it more of a finished look. No mats or glass are required for canvas art. Bring your rolled canvas in today to explore all the creative options!