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broken glass

Frame & Glass Repair

Replace Glass

Woops, It happens to the best of us. Glass can break during hanging, remodeling, moves, and accidents. We see it often and the Frame & Art Shop can make these repairs for you. Don’t try to disassemble yourself as the broken glass can damage your piece. Put tape across the broken glass and remove the loose pieces, then wrap it in paper and bring it to us keeping it face up as to not cause further damage.

Replace Frame Parts

Over the years mats discolor, and frame moulding becomes outdated. Older glass, in particular, can be replaced with conservation glass to prevent discoloration due to UV light. All these can be replaced with conservation materials. A new frame on an old piece can give it a fresh up-to-date look.

Rejoin Frame Corners

The joints of frame corners can be damaged during moves or from accidentally dropping a frame. Since many of these framed pieces have sentimental or antique value, repair of the damaged joints can be the best option. While there are some frames we can’t fix, we can usually repair most requests. We can also clean, touch-up and conceal blemishes on older frames giving them new life.

Frame and Art Shop can repair your glass or frame to make it good as new!