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Museum Glass

Choosing the right custom framing for your art can brighten up any room. Unfortunately if there is glare bouncing off of it you can’t see your framed piece very well. In addition to that, the effects of ultraviolet rays from indoor and outdoor light can damage artwork, documents, photographs, and memorabilia. The UV light rays can cause artwork to fade and deteriorate over time.

Frame and Art Shop offers a variety of glazing options from Tru Vue® glass products to protect your artwork by blocking up to 99% of the UV light rays and preserving your artwork against damaging elements. From clear to non-reflective to museum glass, we will recommend the right glazing product to protect your treasures and show them in the best light.

We love Museum Glass. It provides the lowest level of light reflection possible, providing you with optimal clarity, allowing you to see your art the way it was meant to be. It scatters light, reducing the glare from lamps and windows, making your displayed piece more visible. Museum glass by far is the best product on the market. It is virtually invisible.

Museum Glass- You’ve got to See it to Believe it!