Frame & Art Shop


Textiles can be transformed into meaningful, beautiful pieces of art when Custom Framed! Texture and color play an important key role when designing the framing that will encase your valuable piece. Here at the Frame & Art Shop we are experienced with this type of framing and do it regularly. Hand sewing
the piece to be framed on acid-free fabric mat board is the heart of  this craft. Museum quality conservation techniques and materials coupled with a creative framing design is what we do best. Cindy will walk you through step by step and help you create a masterpiece you’ll cherish forever. Museum Glass or Optium Museum Acrylic by Tru Vue© is our #1 choice for glazing to protect your piece from fading and to enjoy a  crystal clear view of your special piece.
“I love helping customers preserve their heirlooms and memories, in the form of custom framed art. “
Shop Owner Cindy Jones Stasiewicz
Some of the items we have framed are:
  • scarves & dollies
  • rugs
  • vintage fabrics
  • baby blankets
  • flags & banners
  • pennants
  • speciality clothing
  • uniforms
  • batiks
  • baptismal gowns and baby outfits
  • wedding dresses
  • weavings and leather
  • designer fabric art
  • ribbons

Textiles can be made into rich visual displays. So pull those items out of the closet and let us create a unique custom frame just for you!