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Textiles can be transformed into meaningful, beautiful pieces of art when Custom Framed! Texture and color play an important key role when designing the framing that will encase your valuable piece. Here at the Frame & Art Shop we are experienced with this type of framing and do it regularly. Hand sewingthe piece to be framed …

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Custom framing can turn a simple mirror into a creative reflection of your personal style. Choosing a frame for your mirror to match your taste and decor can draw light into darker areas of your home or office. Mirrors can also create the illusion of a larger room. Our mirrors are works of art themselves! …

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broken glass

Frame & Glass Repair

Replace Glass Woops, It happens to the best of us. Glass can break during hanging, remodeling, moves, and accidents. We see it often and the Frame & Art Shop can make these repairs for you. Don’t try to disassemble yourself as the broken glass can damage your piece. Put tape across the broken glass and …

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